Saturday, 30 April 2011

Task 4: What I've learned in the class

In the electronic advertising class, I learned a lot of knowledge with regard to the lesson or aspect of different type of advertising, certain type of media, market segmentation, example advertisement, and consumer behavior and so on. Again, I learned how to create a blog account that I never learned before.

Besides that, for the group assignment of electronic advertising, I learned how to progress a one proposal and our group as an advertising agency to promote the product of Rafa Green Company and what content should include in our proposal. For example, it involve with what is our objective, mission, vision, company background and history, who is our target audience, and what media or medium should we used to promote the product. In addition, I realize that what the main responsibility as an advertising agency and I understand we need to understand clients’ need and to proactively look out for their business opportunities.

Furthermore, I am as a creative team in this assignment, within creative team, I learned how to contribute creatively to the team. For instance, I learned how to use the Microsoft publisher to edit the brochure flyers, or poster. Besides, I learned to use adobe to edit the audio radio and I understand how to create a facebook pages to promote the company’s product.

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