Friday, 29 April 2011

Task 4: What I've learned in the class

In this class, I learned many things. For example, I know how to analyze an advertisement and also how to create an advertisement based on AIDA concept. I can imagine how advertisement important for the products and services. I understand how an advertisement can affect consumer behavior. From the assignment, I know what an advertising agency jobs is. I also learned how to use some software to create an interesting advertisement to affect consumer behavior. In the class, I saw some advertisements which let me understand how an advertisement can be creative. I also understand advertisement not only can be inside magazine, posters, or other paper but it can be on the wall, buildings, and some places which I can’t imagine and never think about it. Finally I understand advertisement is a very powerful tool to promote the brands, image, products, services, and others. It make me have interest to know more about advertisement and is possible, I wish I can find a job in advertising agency after I graduate from UUM.

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