Friday, 25 March 2011

Task 2: Perceptual Map of Mobile Phone

There are variety types of mobile phone in this perceptual map which is included Nokia 3600, Nokia 6710, Nokia C7, Nokia C6, Sony Ericson K530, Sony Ericson K770, Sony Ericson W995, and Sony Ericson Xpe neo

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Task 2: Perceptual Map of Shampoo

There have many different brands of shampoo in this Perceptual Map.
It included: Pantene, Head & Shoulders, Clear, Rejoice, Dove, Secret Garden, Follow Me, and Feather.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Task 1: The Product Which I Can't Live Without It

Hmm... Let me guess...You don't know what is it right?
The answer is: My lovely little pillow!! Sure, the picture also includes its case. ^^
I think the most important thing in my daily life is my little pillow. Why? I also don't know. Maybe you can get the answer after read this post?

I own my little pillow since I was born. Don't believe? Trust me, it is truth. No matter where I going, I will bring along my little pillow. I used to bring it to many places in Malaysia and also over sea such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand. Why? Because I bring it to travel with me. Even now, it still accompanies me during my University Life especially during the exam period, I really need it to let me calm down and release my stress. It like has a kind of magic that can let me feel safety and peace. Without it, I really can’t sleep well in the night. So, it is the most important things in my daily life. Although I’m 22 years old right now, but I still not willing to leave it. That’s why my mom always laugh at me, “How come you still want to carry it although you become a big girl right now”?

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Task 1: The Product Which I Can't Live Without It

This hand phone is my 21th years old birthday presented by my boyfriend. For me, it can be said the most expensive gift that I had received and it is never leave my hand until now. This hand phone becomes a major part in my daily life. 

A few days ago, my hand phone suddenly got problem and need to fix by experts. This mean it will leave me for few days. I’m quite worried and anxiety about it because it is very important for me. Fortunately, finally my hand phone was repaired. As usual, I’m using it to listening to music, taking pictures with an in-built camera, playing game, and even logging on the internet through my lovely hand phone.