Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Task 1: The Product Which I Can't Live Without It

Hmm... Let me guess...You don't know what is it right?
The answer is: My lovely little pillow!! Sure, the picture also includes its case. ^^
I think the most important thing in my daily life is my little pillow. Why? I also don't know. Maybe you can get the answer after read this post?

I own my little pillow since I was born. Don't believe? Trust me, it is truth. No matter where I going, I will bring along my little pillow. I used to bring it to many places in Malaysia and also over sea such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand. Why? Because I bring it to travel with me. Even now, it still accompanies me during my University Life especially during the exam period, I really need it to let me calm down and release my stress. It like has a kind of magic that can let me feel safety and peace. Without it, I really can’t sleep well in the night. So, it is the most important things in my daily life. Although I’m 22 years old right now, but I still not willing to leave it. That’s why my mom always laugh at me, “How come you still want to carry it although you become a big girl right now”?

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