Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Task 3: AIDA


Attention is the first phase that will spark the interest of a consumer. We can get people's attention through ask a question, cite a statistic or fact, make an offer, use a testimonial, make a declaration or statement, even we can surprise the consumer.

In Revlon ColorStay Mineral Collection advertisement, it uses a statement/headline: “Mineral never looked so good and also the photo of a actress—Halle Berry to gain consumer attention.


Interest is the 2nd phase that can create a desire for the product/service. A consumer will want to know more about the product/service, its functions and features. Once we have their attention, sustain that attention by getting the other person interested. We should either persuade, inform or both.

In Revlon ColorStay Mineral Collection advertisement, it uses benefit with stated in the ad: Up to 16 hours of wear and cure. Gentle mineral complex that cares for your skinto get consumer interested. It also informs the consumer that their mineral collection cosmetics can wear up to 16 hours and cure the consumer skin to persuade them.


This mean we need to show that we're credible. For example, we give credibility through client testimonials, guarantees, or promoting awards is a great way to let people know they can trust our product. In this advertisement, it used Halle Berry’s photo who is a famous actress to let consumers will trust to the product.


Desire is stimulates an action to buy. Once the consumers are interested with the ad and what ad has to say, then next step is to create a desire in them for what we want them to do. They can recognize that they have a need, but this is not desire. Desire is a motivation to act and leads towards the next stage.

In Revlon ColorStay Mineral Collection advertisement, it uses statement: To get Halle Berry’s look, try Revlon ColourStay Mineral Foundation in deep, Revlon ColourStay Mineral Blush in Roseberry, Revlon ColourStay Mineral Eye Shadow in Tiger Eyeto motivate consumer to buy their product.


This is the magic stage when consumers take action on their desires and actually buy the product or agree to the ads.

In Revlon ColorStay Mineral Collection advertisement, it stated: “To see the entire Revlon ColourStay Mineral Collectionm go to revlon.com to call consumers take action and visit their website to get more information regarding the Revlon product and customer can buy it if the product can fulfill the consumer desire.

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